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Electrolysis vs Laser

The advantage that Electrolysis has over the Laser service is supported by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Electrolysis is considered by the FDA as the only proven treatment leading to permanent hair removal. Laser is given the designation by the FDA as permanent hair reduction. The Electrolysis service offered at Derma Electrolysis in Corner Brook is effective on all hair and skin pigmentation unlike that of Laser. Because of this difference, we are effectively able to cater to every hair growth concern.

How are electrolysis and laser hair removal different?

While both electrolysis and laser hair removal processes can remove hair on most areas of the body, the two methods have both different requirements and produce different results.

With electrolysis, a tiny needle is inserted into the skin, typically into an individual hair follicle that holds a single hair. A low-level electrical pulse is then used to destroy the follicle, causing the existing hair to fall out. This process is repeated hair by hair until the desired hair removal has been achieved.

Laser hair removal is different in that it uses light beams to heat the malanin in the hair. The heat from the laser causes the melanin to burn and the hair follicle temporarily stops producing hair. This hair removal process works best with darker, more coarse hairs and does not work effeciently on lighter hair colours.

The electrolysis used by Derma Electrolysis works great on all hair types because it has nothing to do with hair pigment. It is however, a more time consuming processes because the process must repeated hair by hair.

Other hair removal processes

Other hair removal processes such as waxing, tweezing and shaving offer temporary hair removal because they typically do not target the hair follicle.  This will mean that hair removed will eventually grow back.  Thus the only means means of permanent hair removal is electrolysis available at Derma Electrolysis, Corner Brook, NL.

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